Vida Guerra’s return to modeling at Ultimate Graveyard

Heres your Pep, boys.

Here's your Pep, boys.

Production Shots:

I was thrilled when I got the call that Vida Guerra was returning to modeling. She was my first celebrity model client when I started shooting magazines. I first worked with her on shoots promoting National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2. By 2006 we were working together almost exclusively (I think I missed a King and an FHM cover due to prior arrangements), so I was extra bummed when she retired from modeling in early 2007, right after we shot her calendar in Cancun (THAT was a fun trip with lots of stories that I’ll save for later, but remind me to tell you about calling Vida’s dad the wrong name all week and something about a chicken.)


When approaching a shoot, I always try to avoid repeating not only myself, but also other shoots that the model has done. With a model like Vida, you have to accept that guys are buying the mag primarily for her incredible shape. But having become Vida’s friend, one thing I always felt that other photographers missed was her smile and her personality. Yeah, her butt is great, and that’s easy to make look good, but I decided to show Vida in a way she hadn’t been seen before—having ridiculous fun. This was Vida’s first magazine shoot in over two years, and I wanted something really different. So what better location than Ultimate Graveyard?


We all busted our butts for the two-day shoot, and I towed that ’55 Chevy Clipper into the desert with my Hummer (I picked it up at an auction for $500…the Clipper not the Hummer LOL). Then, all the production vehicles, including the RV, got stuck in the sand due to windstorms, so I had to tow 5 vehicles out of the sand. That was the day I fell in love with my truck.


Vida says this is her favorite shoot ever. Hopefully the fans like it too.


(And as you’ll see in the behind-the-scenes, my crew really helped me hit this one out the park. Love to my awesome Slickforce team.)

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