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Unreleased behind-the-scenes from Mallika Sherawat for WMB 3D


With the upcoming release of her new film, “Dirty Politics,” we are reminded of the time we dragged Bollywood’s Mallika Sherawat out to the desert for the second issue of WMB 3D: World’s Most Beautiful. If you missed it the first time, here’s a flashback with never-before-released behind-the-scenes images (and video below) of our scorching starlet in 100+ degree heat.

WMB 3D: Mallika Sherawat scorches the desert from Nick Saglimbeni on Vimeo.

New Saglimbeni Channel Trailer

The Saglimbeni Channel takes you behind the scenes on our most exciting shoots with some of the most beautiful people on the planet. All the latest videos from SlickforceStudio, SlickforceGirl, WMB 3D: World’s Most Beautiful, The Melanie Iglesias Store, Kendall & Kylie and more are all right here. Subscribe now on YouTube and Vimeo!


PROFILE: The Leading Ladies of SlickforceStudio


Confucius famously said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” What he failed to mention, however, was how critical the people you work with are to how much you love your job. (Nice one, Confucius.) As SlickforceStudio celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, it also marks the anniversaries of two of its’ leading ladies.

Last week, photographer and retouching wizard Joyce Park celebrated her 7th year at Slickforce. I remember the day I interviewed her, I said, “We shoot a lot of women, most of them aren’t wearing many clothes. Are you okay with that?” She giggled and nodded. The next day, SlickforceStudio made its’ smartest hire in company history. She now splits her time between Post-Production Supervisor and Associate Photographer.

In May, celebrity photographer Christian Arias begins her 6th year with us. Christian began at Slickforce as an intern, straight from Brooks Institute of Photography. She quickly moved into a paid photo assistant role, and then lead assistant. Few people have worked so closely with our lighting, so it seemed a natural move to have her start shooting. When I first asked her to shoot for our studio, Christian shyly said no. As of this post, she now has more than 25 magazine and book covers under her belt, and a bundle of celebrity clients to boot.

Between them, they’ve photographed and retouched tens of thousands of images for Hollywood’s top elite. I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with both of them over the years, and I cannot imagine our company without them. Perhaps even more impressive than their incredible work ethics are their respective characters. They are both wonderful human beings, and it is truly an honor to work in the presence of such talented artists.

Take a look at their impressive portfolios here (Christian Arias, Joyce Park). My thanks to both ladies for choosing a home at Slickforce. You are lucky indeed, if you like the people you work with. Measuring by these two superstars, I would consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth.

PHOTO: Christian and Joyce pose with Kevin Hart at their shoot for WMB 3D. Photo by Derek Eskridge for SlickforceStudio.

WMB 3D: Nazanin Mandi – Culture Chameleon


Triple-threat Nazanin Mandi has made waves in modeling, acting and music, and she’s made it look easy. The starlet and songstress opens up to WMB about her career, her personal life, and the changing voice of Middle Eastern women.

WMB: You started your acting career on wholesome teen shows for Nickelodeon. But recently, we’ve seen your shoots getting much sexier. Explain the process of going from rated-G to NC-17?
Nazanin Mandi: [laughs] I’m evolving into the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m finally comfortable with my sexuality, and I’ve also accepted that there is always a class way to do things. It is possible to be both sexy and classy.

Read more and see Naz’s full pictorial in WMB 3D #3 on iPhone/iPad, Android, and in Collector’s Print.

Photography by NICK SAGLIMBENI
Wardrobe Stylist SARAH WALLNER
Production stills by DEREK ESKRIDGE for SlickforceStudio


WMB 3D: Nazanin Mandi – Culture Chameleon from Nick Saglimbeni on Vimeo.

Journey to the Edge at Burning Man in WMB 3D #3

The Burn is approaching. Anyone who has ever been to Burning Man knows that it is an unforgettable circus of color, fire and stars that no photographs or blog posts can ever do justice. That said, here’s my humble attempt.

This week—and the last week in August every year—tens of thousands of “burners” migrate to the Black Rock desert in northern Nevada for Burning Man. The week-long festival transforms the barren landscape into a hub for art, expression and exhibition. In Issue 3 of WMB 3D: World’s Most Beautiful, I’ve created a round-the-clock photo-journal in 3D, to give the uninitiated a uniquely surreal look at the art of Burning Man.

For experienced burners, here’s your chance to see the playa experience in a totally new way. WMB 3D Issue 3 is available now on iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets and in print.

Photos by Nick Saglimbeni
Temple of Transformation by International Megatropolis Art Crew
Face Forward by Christian Ristow
H.A.T.U. by Terra Cronshey
Parallel Lives by John Hagar
Trojan Horse by Douglas Bevans


Travelogue: Morocco IV – Moonrise in the Sahara

While staying with my nomad friends at Erg Chigaga in the Moroccan Sahara desert, I felt a calling to climb the dunes after sunset. With no light pollution in any direction, I knew that it would truly be an otherworldly experience to stargaze into the heavens.

So, at dark, I wandered into the dunes alone, bringing only my camera and a bottle of water. Given that there is no artificial light anywhere, one can easily get lost. In the dark, all dunes look the same.

When I arrived at the top of the tallest dune, I looked up and witnessed the brightest stars I have ever seen. I’ve done my best to capture it here, though I must warn you: Words, and in this case, even pictures, can’t describe seeing the sight with your own eyes. Within a few hours, the moon began to appear above the horizon, illuminating the mountains of sand. I encourage everyone to stargaze in the desert at least once in your life. It will change you.

This concludes my four-part Morocco travelogue. My thanks to the wonderful friends and guides who welcomed me into their country: Karim, Youssef, Tarek, and Brahim. See my adventures in 3D in Issue 3 of WMB 3D, available now on iPhone, iPadAndroid phones & tablets and in Limited Collector’s Edition print.

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