Travelogue: Morocco III – Trekking into the Sahara

When life in the big city gets too chaotic, I’ve found a few sacred spots in the world where I can decompress and hit the reset switch. One of these getaways is deep in the Sahara desert, with my Berber nomad friends in southeast Morocco.

The serenity of the north African desert is unmatched; in fact, it is the only place that I can recall ever having experienced absolute silence—sand doesn’t make a peep. When I first laid eyes on the magnificent dunes, it was every bit as awe-inspiring as you would imagine. My nomadic friends and I traveled for days on camel along the Algerian border, stopping at makeshift camps, tent villages, and even hydrating at a real oasis, lush (by desert standards) with palm trees and a stream.

On my most recent visit, I brought along my 3D camera to capture the amazing scene for WMB 3D: World’s Most Beautiful . To see the full Magic in Morocco feature, be sure to pick up your copy on iPhone, iPadAndroid phones & tablets and in Collector’s Edition print.

1-5: Wild camels and the dunes of Erg Chigaga
7-9: The tents of Buono nomad village.
10-14: Tagine & tea during the Saharan sunset

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  • Fantastic, Nick. Morocco has been on my short list for a year or so now (a spate of weddings has interrupted plans to go). However, I hadn’t seriously considered venturing into the dessert for any serious length of time. Looks like I should reconsider that. Inspiring, as always, buddy. :)


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