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WMB 3D: Nazanin Mandi – Culture Chameleon


Triple-threat Nazanin Mandi has made waves in modeling, acting and music, and she’s made it look easy. The starlet and songstress opens up to WMB about her career, her personal life, and the changing voice of Middle Eastern women.

WMB: You started your acting career on wholesome teen shows for Nickelodeon. But recently, we’ve seen your shoots getting much sexier. Explain the process of going from rated-G to NC-17?
Nazanin Mandi: [laughs] I’m evolving into the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m finally comfortable with my sexuality, and I’ve also accepted that there is always a class way to do things. It is possible to be both sexy and classy.

Read more and see Naz’s full pictorial in WMB 3D #3 on iPhone/iPad, Android, and in Collector’s Print.

Photography by NICK SAGLIMBENI
Wardrobe Stylist SARAH WALLNER
Production stills by DEREK ESKRIDGE for SlickforceStudio


WMB 3D: Nazanin Mandi – Culture Chameleon from Nick Saglimbeni on Vimeo.

VIDEO: The Making of SlickforceGirl: Arctic Spy Nazanin

Here’s a brand spanking new video taking you behind-the-scenes on the making of Arctic Spy Nazanin’s shoot. Model Nazanin Mandi slipped into the espionage-themed shoot with remarkable ease, making us all wonder if this whole modeling thing is just a cover.

This shoot day was a particularly large production, as we photographed several of the SlickforceGirls in one day. My thanks to the amazing team that helped us pull it off!

Model: Nazanin Mandi
Photographed & Produced by Nick Saglimbeni
Hair by Al Ingram
Make-up by Therese Williams
Styling by Diana Chan
Vintage Faux Fur: stylist’s own.

Stay Warm with SlickforceGirl Nazanin’s Collector’s Pin-up Poster!

This February, Arctic Spy Nazanin encourages her fans to “Bundle up”, in this Collector’s Edition 11×17 mini-poster. A portion of proceeds from poster sales are donated to the Breast Cancer Charities of America’s iGoPink campaign. Order your posters at the SaglimbeniStore here.

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Model: Nazanin Mandi
Image by Nick Saglimbeni for SlickforceStudio
Hair by Al Ingram
Make-up by Therese Williams
Styling by Diana Chan
Vintage Faux Fur: stylist’s own.

The Storm is Coming: Arctic Spy Nazanin Joins SlickforceGirl

SlickforceGirl Nazanin is a cool cat. So cool, in fact, she might just give you frostbite. But don’t let her seductive looks fool you—cross this stunning superspy and she’ll take you out in your sleep. Either way, we’re just glad she’s on our side…we hope. Stay tuned for more from this blizzard-dwelling beauty at!

Halloween Madness in Hollywood & Ayanna Jordan’s Birthday


Despite how busy we’ve been at the studio, Fall 2010 brought about many opportunities to play. SHOW Magazine hosted their 4th Annual Halloween party in Hollywood this year. I’d been busy planning the first PhotoKamp and ModelKamp 6, so I dug up my Wolverine costume that I had put together a few years back. Nearly the entire Slickforce crew came out to roam the streets of Hollywood, which made it one of the most memorable Halloweens ever for me.


Model Ayanna Jordan also celebrated her birthday at Falcon on Sunset Blvd. in October. Once again, my wonderful team showed up to help her celebrate, as well as her good friend and fellow model Nazanin Mandi.


As we begin the holiday season, here’s wishing you and your loved ones all the happiness in the universe, and remember to live every day to the fullest!


1-10: My brother as Scarface, photographer Christian Arias as the black cat, Slickforce crew Kevin Savarese, Derek Eskridge, and David Rivera as the Jabberwockies, Ayanna Jordan as Dark Angel, model Jesikah Maximus as a hot leopard, and SHOW publisher Sean Cummings as the priest.
11-15: Ayanna Jordan’s birthday with Naz Mandi, Kevin Savarese and Derek Eskridge

HairLocs International 2010 Campaign


This week, HairLocs International launched its nationwide campaign across nearly every Niche Media title, including Ocean Drive, LA Confidential, Gotham, Hamptons, and Vegas magazines. Through a good friend of mine, Lupe Ceballos, for whom I used to photograph recording artists, I was able to bring the campaign to SlickforceStudio. We handled everything from the production to the casting—which is why you may recognize some of your favorite Slickforce superstar models in the campaign.


The shoot was incredibly fun, especially for hair-stylist Al Ingram, because we got to experiment with many ways of making hair look exciting on camera—and you all know I love amazing hair. Slickforce lead make-up artist Gaby Ramos nailed every shot in this campaign, which is even more impressive given the full spectrum of model complexions that she worked on.


Thanks to HairLocs and to the incredible Slickforce team for helping to create a beautiful campaign!


MODELS (Left-to-right thumbs): Airess Padda, Nazanin Mandi, Ayanna Jordan, Jenifer Richardson, Remington Nelson

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