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Unreleased behind-the-scenes from Mallika Sherawat for WMB 3D


With the upcoming release of her new film, “Dirty Politics,” we are reminded of the time we dragged Bollywood’s Mallika Sherawat out to the desert for the second issue of WMB 3D: World’s Most Beautiful. If you missed it the first time, here’s a flashback with never-before-released behind-the-scenes images (and video below) of our scorching starlet in 100+ degree heat.

WMB 3D: Mallika Sherawat scorches the desert from Nick Saglimbeni on Vimeo.

Maxim India’s 75th Issue Cover featuring Mallika Sherawat

That's the way, Maahi Ve.

Maxim India recently contacted me to photograph Bollywood superstar Mallika Sherawat for their 75th issue cover. Given the excitement generated from our recent WMB 3D shoot, I was all too happy to put together yet another concept for her. Mallika has an amazing beach house in Malibu, which she opened up to us for the shoot. Maxim India’s 75th issue hits stands in India this week and is available worldwide on the iPad and iPhone. Go behind-the-scenes in the video below!

Photography by NICK SAGLIMBENI
Styling by IVAN BITTON
BTS Video directed by DAVID RIVERA for SlickforceStudio

Bollywood Stunner Mallika Sherawat Scorches WMB 3D

Unleaded? You're looking at Diesel, son.

I first noticed Mallika Sherawat in the early stages of her meteoric rise in Bollywood. It was clear she communicated with her audience on a different level than other actresses, and I always told myself that if I could get her in front of my camera, I would jump at the chance. I take the title “World’s Most Beautiful” very seriously, and after our launch I figured I had the perfect opportunity—and a responsibility—to showcase beauty on a global level, and perhaps introduce Mallika to a new hemisphere of fans in the process.

I met with Mallika a few weeks before our shoot, and she insisted on being heavily involved in the concept. We decided that an Americana-themed shoot would capture her in a way she had never been photographed, and it would also mirror her recent move to the US, where her Hollywood career has since begun to grow legs. I’m a big fan of Bollywood films, and I have the deepest appreciation for the stunning cinematography and glossy visuals used in their storytelling. However, to contrast Mallika’s previous work, I wanted to make sure this shoot looked very raw and dirty and American, hoping it would bring out a side of our star not-yet-seen.

As I expected, Mallika hit this one out of the park, bringing her own unique brand of jaw-dropping mystique to each frame. To see the full 2D & 3D photo feature, grab your copy of WMB 3D Issue 2, available for iPhone, iPad, Android and in print.

Go behind-the-scenes of Mallika’s shoot with these fantastic stills from WMB 3D photographer Joyce Park, and this awesome video directed by David Rivera for WMB 3D.

Photography by NICK SAGLIMBENI
Hair by GIO CAMPORA for The Wall Group
Makeup by GABY RAMOS

Download WMB 3D Issue #2 from iTunes App Store, Android Market, or 9×12″ Limited Print Issue.

The first look at WMB – World’s Most Beautiful


Hey guys, here’s a sneak peek at something really cool my team and I have been working on for the past year. This is the most rewarding project I’ve ever worked on, and it’s easily the most fun I’ve ever had as an artist. Thanks to everyone involved, many of whom will likely be familiar faces to you…more details coming soon. Enjoy!

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