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Layla Kayleigh for Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA)


When the lovely folks at Breast Cancer Charities of America told me that my dear friend, Layla Kayleigh, was selected for our next campaign shoot, I was thrilled. I’ve worked with Layla several times and she never takes a bad shot. The British accent doesn’t hurt either.


The shoot was effortless, with Layla bringing both compassion and humility to the screen in every shot. We joked that our first shoot was a fashion spread, and then we put her in lingerie for PETA, and now she’s, well, wearing a keychain. At this rate, our next shoot should be really interesting.


Thanks to Lia Shahrebani for coordinating the campaign, the Saglimbeni crew for creating a professional and comfortable environment for our star, and Gaby Ramos & Al Ingram for flawless glam.


The new BCCA campaign launched today, please support them by purchasing the keychain featured in photo!


Credits: Make-up by Gabriela Ramos, Hair by Al Ingram
Keychain available at the iGoPink store!

Estella Warren for Breast Cancer Charities of America (BCCA)

Estella Warren for BCCA

Recently I had the honor of being selected as the official photographer for the 2011 Breast Cancer Charities of America campaign. This was particularly moving to me since one of my closest friends recently recovered from a bout with breast cancer. Charity has always been a critical component of our studio, so naturally, I jumped at the opportunity.


I was thrilled to learn that our first spokesmodel would be the ever-stunning actress and fashion model, Estella Warren. I have been a fan of Estella’s since seeing her in Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret, and her Chanel campaigns, and of course in Planet of the Apes. When she arrived at my studio, she was as beautiful as ever, and I knew this was going to be an amazing campaign.


Estella is not only flawless on camera, but is an absolute sweetheart to work with as well—easily one of my all-time favorites. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to photograph her, but it now makes perfect sense why so many companies have selected her to represent their brands.


Credits: Make-up by Gabriela Ramos, Hair by Al Ingram
Bracelet available at

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