Mastering Retouching

Mastering Retouching™ - The Complete Series

The cats are out of the bag.

You asked for it…you got it. I’m finally revealing my top-secret industry retouching techniques! I’ve just released my long-awaited 7-volume super-tutorial Mastering Retouching! Customers are going crazy over how easy this is to learn, and how amazing their photos now look!


The series is available both as an instant-download and as a ridiculously beautiful DVD Box Set.


You will also get access to The Matrix, a members-only section of the Slickforce forum for customers who have purchased Mastering Retouching™. There you can post your pics for feedback, get coaching on your techniques, and discuss upcoming volumes to the SlickforceSystem library.


I will be personally monitoring the forum to answer any questions anyone has about the product. This series has been designed using all of your forum input, countless e-mails from the last 5 years, past students, fan requests, and customer wishlists. I’ve been beta-testing this bad boy with students who have taken my retouching classes AND complete newbs, and I’m convinced you’re going to love the final version.


The Lessons:
Volume 1: Tools & Basics
Volume 2: The Slickforce Technique™
Volume 3: Complete Workflow
Volume 4: Light Complexions
Volume 5: Dark Complexions
Volume 6: The Stuff No One Else Will Teach You!
Volume 7: BONUS – Exotic Features


Visit for FAQs and a video sample. Thanks in advance for all of your input in helping my build the mother of all retouching mastery tools. Here’s looking forward to arming you all with lethal skills, and I’ll leave you with a few words from customers who have recently purchased the series!


"I’ve been shooting for over 6 years, and post-production has always been my weak point—until now. I can honestly say that these techniques are incredible. Nick has done the IMPOSSIBLE by teaching high-end retouching in a way that is simple and easy to understand. My work has improved so quickly, I now have models flying in from other states to shoot with me. It boggles my mind that many photographers don’t mind paying THOUSANDS of dollars on equipment, but won’t spend a few hundred to actually make their shots 10,000 times better. This series has been a life-changer for me."
-Larry Cole, photographer


"Nick’s methods are faster than the Beauty Retouch methods—not every image warrants 6 hours of dodge and burn. The techniques and tools are plain and simple, and I appreciate how Nick teaches restraint and emphasizes maintaining detail."
-Dan Baker, Baker Creative Services


"Mastering Retouching is the best video series on retouching I’ve ever bought. The main problem I’ve had with other retouching videos is that the author is a Photoshop technician and not a working photographer like Nick Saglimbeni. The videos are extremely well produced. Nick’s voice is very easy to listen to, and he gives you insight to what he’s thinking in each retouching situation. Also, he features models of different complexions and skin tones, which is very important in the ever-changing world of modeling. An added bonus that sealed the deal for me is 24-hour access to the Slickforce Forum where you can share your images and get advice and feedback on retouching. Nick’s work represents a standard that all digital photographers should be striving for."
-Ray Gibson, TheGlamourImage Studio


"I just received the Slickforce System and watched it from beginning to end. Are you kidding me! I have NEVER seen anything like the steps/principles that Nick presents. The training is incredibly detailed, easy to follow along, and allows the user to improvise to their taste in retouching photos. It’s my opinion that the Slickforce System is EQUALLY important as that 24-70mm f/2.8 lens in your camera bag, but a fraction the cost. The professionally packaged DVD’s, and quick delivery (both download and shipping) are just not heard of anymore…. thank you! In order to “compete” in photography, you have to set yourself apart from the rest of the field. I laughed… I chuckled… and only two days after practicing the Slickforce System, I showed a model friend some of my new found techniques, and she was awe-struck. What do you think she did? Yep… called all her friends, Nick. I’m forever grateful."
-Doug Martin, Doug Martin Visuals


"It is ridiculous how much my retouching skills have improved in just a few short hours. Learning the Slickforce Technique™ is like finding the Holy Grail of retouching knowledge. I’ve been on this quest for years, via nine Photoshop retouching books, attending the multi-day NAPP Photoshop World seminars, and downloading every retouching tutorial available. Mastering Retouching doesn’t teach those plastic-looking, plug-in automated skin blur methods—just professional industry retouching secrets that I will happily keep to myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nick. You may be the only person in the world that is this qualified to teach a mastering retouching series specialzing in beautiful women. I now use the skills I have learned to increase my company’s profile and blow away every model that I photograph."
-Michael Nebeker, CEO,



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