Flashback: October 1, 2008 – SHOWCase #1 @ El Mirage


Production Shots:

Found these behind-the-scenes pics while going through the archives, and thought you guys might like to see.


This is from the premiere issue of SHOWCase (shot Oct 2008), featuring Vanessa Veasley and Laura Dore (then known as Sweetie Cyanide). I’ve always loved shooting in the desert, and this was actually the day I got inspired and decided to buy my own desert property, and Ultimate Graveyard was born.


This issue was a lot of fun to shoot, and I’d worked with both models many times before, so we could cut to the chase and just shoot amazing stuff. I already knew what poses worked best for both of them. These ladies endured both the heat (day) and the cold (dusk), and for anyone who thinks I just liquify my models…these production shots are COMPLETELY unretouched, so take a good look at their bodies and you’ll see just how real they are.


If I’m guilty of anything, it’s putting Vanessa in too many back-arch-orgasm-face poses, but hey, it was just really working for me. (And the white boots didn’t hurt either.)


(BTW it was hot as hell that day and I was tired of the models getting all the attention, so I decided to go shirtless too. Sue me. If you look closely, you’ll see that my stylist isn’t even wearing pants, so there.)

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