The secret is out! Now you too can perfect anyone and amaze everyone!

Mastering Retouching™ - The Complete Series

The cats are out of the bag.

You asked for it…you got it. I’m finally revealing my top-secret industry retouching techniques! Pre-orders are now available for my new long-awaited 6-volume super-tutorial Mastering Retouching!

The series will be available for instant-download on January 30, 2010, and as a ridiculously beautiful DVD Box Set on or before March 30 (may be earlier depending on shipping). Pre-order customers ONLY will get both for the heavily discounted price of one.

Order before January 30 and get $200 off your order. You’ll get the download, the DVD Box Set, AND our upcoming bonus lesson Exotic Features (available March 30) FREE with your purchase. You will also get access to The Matrix, a members-only section of the Slickforce forum for customers who have purchased Mastering Retouching™. There you can post your pics for feedback, get coaching on your techniques, and discuss upcoming volumes to the SlickforceSystem library.

I will be personally monitoring the forum to answer any questions anyone has about the product while it’s still in the pre-order phase. This series has been designed using all of your forum input, countless e-mails from the last 5 years, past students, fan requests, and customer wishlists. I’ve been beta-testing this bad boy with students who have taken my retouching classes AND complete newbs, and I’m convinced you’re going to love the final version.

The Lessons:
Volume 1: Tools & Basics
Volume 2: The Slickforce Technique™
Volume 3: Complete Workflow
Volume 4: Light Complexions
Volume 5: Dark Complexions
Volume 6: The Stuff No One Else Will Teach You!
Volume 7: Exotic Features BONUS (available FREE with purchase!)

We’ve also got testimonials from users and a heavily detailed FAQs on the site itself as well as a video sample. Visit for more info!

Thanks in advance for all of your input in helping my build the mother of all retouching mastery tools. Here’s looking forward to arming you all with lethal skills!

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